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Stepping it up. The modular sitting steps you’ve been searching for.

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DuraFLEX Colors
Anthracite Grey (AG)
Dark Blue (DB)
Dark Green (DG)
Dark Purple (DP)
Maroon (MA)
Medium Blue (MB)
Violet (VI)

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These Steps add a very cool seating element to any space. Line them up along a wall or place them back-to-back in the center of the space. Mix the 2-Step and 3-Step to create a variety of seating heights. Tenjam’s Steps are modular and they have a footprint of 38″ Length x 38″ Depth. The modularity allows you to place a Step unit in the corner and build off of it in either direction. The height is 33″ overall. The fixed legs have a non-slip rubber base to keep the steps from moving. We also offer caster wheels with brakes for customers that need to be able to move the steps frequently.

If you need to move the Step units into a room with small door openings please make sure you have a clear opening into the room of 33-1/2″ or greater. You can tip the Step (33′ Height) onto its side and place the unit onto a rolling cart to fit it through a 33-1/2″ opening.

The Step units are intended to be stepped on and these units will get marked up from shoes and foot traffic. For this reason we highly recommend choosing darker colors for the Steps. We offer the Steps in 7 Standard colors: Anthracite Grey (AG), Dark Blue (DB), Dark Green (DG), Dark Purple (DP), Maroon (MA), Medium Blue (MB), and Violet (VI).

With 2″ Height Fixed Legs:
Item # 15022B1_ _: 2-Step DuraFLEX, 33” Height, 163 lbs
Item # 15023B1_ _: 3-Step DuraFLEX, 33” Height, 149 lbs

With 2″ Caster Wheels w/Brakes:
Item # 15022BC_ _: 2-Step DuraFLEX, 33” Height, 166 lbs
Item # 15023BC_ _: 3-Step DuraFLEX, 33” Height, 152 lbs

Other companies also make Steps to sit on. Only Tenjam makes Steps with DuraFLEX. Let’s talk about the differences:

Other Companies Steps: They make a plywood box, apply a thin layer of flexible foam, and apply a sewn textile cover to finish it. Look close and you will see lots of stitched seams. Is their fabric ideal for foot traffic on the steps?

Tenjam’s 2-Step & 3-Step: We have a giant aluminum mold that allows us to cast a seamless flexible plastic shell at 1/4″ thickness. We incorporate a solid base during the casting process. We then inject the core with super dense flexible foam. We finish the base with a tamperproof sheet of HDPE hard plastic and add solid feet with a non-slip grip footpad. The result is a ultra heavy duty product that withstands years of use in high traffic spaces. This seamless material can be washed and disinfected as often as needed.

So before you buy a hollow plywood box with a fabric cover please contact Tenjam so we can show you the performance of DuraFLEX products.

Tenjam’s DuraFLEX Material: The most durable seamless soft seating. Perfect for high traffic spaces like schools, libraries, healthcare, museums, retail, and more. Non-porous and waterproof flexible plastic shell with a flexible foam core. A solid base with fixed legs and the option for caster wheels for mobility. No hidden pockets or stitched seams where bacteria can hide and multiply. Surface can be readily washed and disinfected. Compliant with CAL133 Fire Testing and is labeled accordingly. “MAS Certified Green” for healthier indoor air quality. Global Educator Institute (GEI) Endorsed. 3 year warranty.

DuraFLEX seating is intended for indoor use only. Tenjam also makes products for outdoor spaces. All Tenjam furniture is engineered for use in high-traffic environments and suitable for use in education / schools, libraries, healthcare, retail environments, museums, hospitality, and more.

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