DuraFLEX Series – Indoor

The most durable seamless soft seating. Waterproof flexible thermoplastic outer shell with a flexible foam core. No hidden pockets or stitched seams where bacteria could hide and multiply. Surface can be easily cleaned and disinfected. A solid base with fixed legs, or caster wheels for mobility. Zero fabric, zero staples, zero vinyl, zero wood, and zero added flame retardant chemicals. Ultra-low VOC emissions for healthier indoor air quality. Perfect for high traffic spaces like schools, libraries, healthcare, museums, prison/detention, retail, and more.

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Session Series – Outdoor/Indoor

All products in this category are engineered for year-round outdoor use and are also great for indoor applications that require supreme durability, easy cleaning, and great stain resistance. All solid color hard plastic material in this series contains 40% Recovered Coastal Plastic (RCP). RCP material is plastic debris collected from beaches, waterways, and from the ground in coastal communities. We turn RCP material into commercial grade products that will last for many years and are 100% recyclable. Bring on the saltwater, sand, sun, rain, and snow—these products can take it. You can be confident that these products will hold up and look great for many years in high traffic indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Manufacturing:   Our manufacturing facility is located in Baxter, Minnesota. Tenjam is part of a group of manufacturing companies all located in Baxter and together we specialize in rotational molding (a.k.a. rotomolding), thermoforming (a.k.a. vacuum forming), and metal fabrication with in-house tool/mold manufacturing. Collectively our group of companies services customers globally. Tenjam is the exclusive furniture brand within our group. Our manufacturing operations and our people have received multiple awards and recognitions for our professional work and our work in the local community.  

Materials:   in 2014 we began working with partners that collect “ocean plastic” and other plastic debris that is making its way into the marine environment. We call this material Recovered Coastal Plastic (RCP) and continue to work with partners that collect this plastic debris from beaches, waterways, and from the ground in coastal communities. Over the years our collection partners and our supply chain continues to improve the quality of RCP and we continue to improve our manufacturing methods. All 12 solid colors of hard plastic used to make Session Series products contains 40% RCP. With RCP material we have been able to maintain color fade resistance, impact strength, stain resistance, and other material and product qualities required for many years of use in high traffic locations.

Product Design:   We have an in-house product design team and collaborate with Product Designers around the world. All of our products are properly design protected and/or licensed from the original Designer. Tenjam product designers reside in the USA, France, Ukraine, Hong Kong, London, and Italy. As Tenjam continues to grow we will continue our collaboration with talented product designers around the world.

Culture: We have a work environment where everyone’s ideas are welcome and everyone is looking for continuous improvements. We have fun pioneering the use of Recovered Coastal Plastic (and “Ocean Plastic”) and remain committed to the increased use of this material. It’s fun to experience the positive reaction people have to our products and colors. We thrive on navigating our own path and making non-traditional products for our customers looking for non-traditional products. Tenjam products are unique, safe, washable, durable, and fun!

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