About Tenjam

Tenjam is based in Minnesota, U.S.A. We make furniture that is safe, durable, washable and fun. Our furniture can be washed and disinfected multiple times per day if needed. None of our products have stitched seams where bacteria can hide and multiply. Many of our designs are modular and multifunctional and can be used as seats, tables, or ottomans.

Commercial Markets:  Our products are engineered for use in high-traffic spaces and are often selected for schools, healthcare, corporate social areas, libraries, museums, hotels, restaurants, auto dealerships, and other public spaces.

Residential Market:  Tenjam furniture is also perfect for the home, on the patio, or around the pool. We work with homeowners associations to furnish their indoor and outdoor common areas.

Where To Find:  Tenjam has an extensive dealer network of commercial and residential dealers throughout North America. We also have field sales representative and showrooms in many locations in the USA and Canada. Contact us and we will connect you with a Tenjam representative nearby.

Health & Safety:
Tenjam DuraFLEX and FIRM products are all “MAS Certified Green” as low VOC emitting products and these products promote healthier indoor air quality.  All Tenjam products pass California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 (CAL117-2013) fire testing. All DuraFLEX products pass California Technical Bulletin 133 (CAL133) fire testing. See our product specifications for exact fire testing and air quality test reports. All Tenjam products are designed with no sharp corners.

Environmental Statement:
Utilizing oceanbound plastic, Tenjam has made a giant leap forward in recycled materials and proven that FIRM can be economically recovered, recycled, and turned into high performance products. Tenjam’s FIRM hard plastic furniture includes oceanbound plastic and these products are 100% Recyclable. Tenjam FIRM & DuraFLEX products are “MAS Certified Green” for low emitting materials that support healthier indoor air quality.

Our Furniture Product Lines Explained:

DuraFLEX = Soft Seating & Easy to Disinfect. This is our unique version of flexible soft seating for high-traffic spaces. These products have no stitched seams that collect dirt and bacteria. DuraFLEX products are recommended for indoor use only.

FIRM = All Weather Performance Furniture: All products in this category are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. FIRM products have supreme durability and stain resistance. Bring on the saltwater, sand, sun, rain, and snowthese products can take it.  Tenjam is possibly the first furniture manufacturer in the world to incorporate plastic marine debris into commercial quality furniture and the first to incorporate oceanbound plastic into any type of product. FIRM is made with plastic recovered from shorelines, waterways, and coastal communities. 100% recyclable.

We invite you to contact us today at 1-855-4-TENJAM