Session Series

All products in this category include Recovered Coastal Plastic (RCP) material and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These products have a hard outer shell with supreme durability and stain resistance. Bring on the saltwater, sand, sun, rain, and snowthese products can take it. We run the products through multiple tests including UV color stability, impact resistance, weight capacity, and stain resistance tests. You can be confident that these products will hold up and look great for many years in high traffic spaces.

Product included in our QuickShip Program.

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  • Twisted Hex 18" Height
  • Twisted Hex 13" Height
  • Swerve
  • Session Cube - Small Size
  • Session Cube - Large Size
  • Session Crescent - Small Size
  • Session Crescent - Large Size
  • Session Circle - Small Size
  • Session Circle - Large Size
  • Moon Chair
  • Mibster Chair
  • Drift
  • Dash
  • Amped Seat & Side Table
  • Amped Chair