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  • Tenjam Elevate is easy to clean and sanitize
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Elevate Tiered Lounge Seating

Are you are considering tiered lounge seating for your school or a high-traffic space?  Luckily you just found Elevate and together we can deliver a better solution – indoors and outdoors.

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Elevate uses materials that are common in durable outdoor playground structures: hard polyethylene seats and powder coated steel frames. These materials hold up foot traffic and energetic students, while making sure sanitizing is a breeze.  The open frame design ensures the cleaning crew can easily sweep underneath, while liquid spills and grime don’t get trapped behind or between the furniture. People are known to drop things and with Elevate it is easy to reach under the frame to retrieve dropped items. Our customers asked for seats that were extra wide so went with 47” wide seats and now two people can sit side-by-side without having to be crunched together. Customers wanted seating that could be moved, stacked, and easier to fit through doorways – Elevate delivers and you can even stack two units to make some extra space when needed.  If you desire cushioning we sized the Tenjam Rad Pad cushion to perfectly fit on the Elevate Seats and you can store the Rad Pads under the Elevate frame.

Easy to fully sanitize:

Tiered seating (a.k.a. Step seating) is designed for people to walk on the furniture so they can sit on the top tier. This means the seating surfaces are also walking surfaces and these surfaces need to be thoroughly sanitized often.  Elevate materials can be cleaned and sanitized with any of your preferred products that are packaged in a plastic container. Elevate materials have no stitched seams that harbor bacteria and grime.  Elevate has an open frame design so spills and bodily fluids don’t get stuck between, behind, or under these products.  Compare to fabric/vinyl upholstered tiered/step seating with foam cushions that soak in chemicals, spills, and bodily fluids through porous stitching (or a puncture or tear) in the fabric. The competitors bulky products create a challenge to retrieve items dropped between, behind, or under their Step products and when the Step products are moved, you’ll see days and weeks of built up spills and grime.  Tenjam’s Elevate helps you create fun indoor and outdoor spaces, while making cleaning and sanitizing a breeze.

Elevate is available in one size: 47” Width x 42” Depth with 13” Tier Heights (26” Total Height), approx. 83 lbs


Steel frame is always powder coated in Light Gray

Polyethylene seats are available in all Session Series colors. 

Option for Soft Touch Top:  Soft Touch is a marine grade waterproof foam seat top that dissipates the seating surface temperature when the products are placed in direct sunlight in an outdoor space. The thin foam top is factory applied and is always gray in color. This surface also adds a bit of slip resistance and a slight bit of added comfort to the seat surface.

Elevate Features:

  • Can be used outdoor and indoors.
  • Easy material to clean and sanitize.
  • Two units can compactly stack together.
  • Ultra-low VOC emissions to promote healthy indoor air quality.
  • Fire test compliant with CAL117-2013 and has zero added flame retardant chemicals.
  • Supports up to 400 lbs per tier.
  • Seat sheds liquids and dries fast.
  • Easy to access and adjust the stainless steel leveling glides.
  • 100% recyclable. 
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Assembly Required:

Elevate arrives in two boxes. One box has the steel frame and the second box includes both seats. Stainless steel screws and lock washers are included. You will need a blanket or towel and a Phillips screwdriver (prefer a #3 size bit). Assembly requires two people and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the assembly.