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  • Swerve Benches in colorful circle with Anthracite Color Rad Pad Cushions
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  • Optional Ganging Kit for Dash & Swerve Benches
  • Sweve and Dash Bracket Install
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This is Swerve…the arc shaped modular bench that works with Tenjam’s Dash bench to create all sorts of fun arrangements.

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Available Colors
Desert Sandstone (DS)
Gray Granite (GG)
River Rock (RR)
Anthracite Grey (AG)
Dark Blue (DB)
Light Blue (LB)
Lime Green (LM)
Medium Blue (MB)
Medium Grey (MG)
Orange (OR)
Red (RD)
Surf Blue (SB)
Violet (VI)
Yellow (YE)

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The Dash (straight modular bench) and the Swerve (arc shaped modular bench) can be set up alone or together to create many arrangements. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Modular: design allows for many arrangements.
  • Stay Dry Top: designed so liquids run off the top to keep the seat surface dry.
  • Raised Bottom: allows air flow under the design to eliminate moisture trapping.
  • Round Edges: increased safety by eliminating sharp edges and corners.
  • Wide Base: great seating stability.
  • Certified Green for healthier indoor air quality.
  • Ganging & Floor Securing: Threaded brass inserts on the bottom of the bench allow for the use of Tenjam’s stainless steel ganging bracket (#90501XXSS.)

Item # 11601BX_ _: Dash Bench (straight design): 47″ Length x 18″ Width x 17″ Seat Height, 35 lbs

Item # 11701BX_ _: Swerve Bench (arc design): 47″ Length x 18″ Width x 17″ Seat Height, 35 lbs

Option for Adding Weight:
Item # WEIGHTCAP: Recessed Screw Cap factory installed into the base. Opens for filling the core with pea-size gravel to make the product very heavy.  The cap is always white in color. You can fill the Swerve Bench with up to 100 additional lbs of pea-size gravel.

Option for Ganging Units Together and for Floor Anchoring:
Optional Item # 90501XXSS: This option adds 2 Deluxe and 2 straight stainless steel ganging brackets with screws.  Connect Dash with another Dash, Dash to Swerve, or Swerve to Swerve. One ganging bracket kit will allow you to make two bench connections or anchor one bench to the ground.  Fasteners for anchoring the units to the floor are not included.

More Product Benefits:

  • Rust Proof
  • Waterproof
  • Durable – extreme impact resistance
  • Safe – one part construction, no sharp edges
  • Strong – can support over 500 lbs
  • Chemical Resistance – can withstand hundreds of chemicals, body oils, and fluids
  • Easy Wash – use soap, water, and many common cleaning products
  • Easy Disinfect – use 9:1 water to bleach ratio, hydrogen peroxide, and other disinfectants.
  • There are no stitched seams or hidden crevices where bacteria/bedbugs can harbor
  • Fire Compliance: meets California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 (a.k.a TB117-2013 & CAL117-2013)
  • 100% recyclable
  • 5 Year warranty