• Tenjam Splash Moon Chair & Ripple Table, White Granite, Image 2
  • Tenjam Splash Moon Chair & Ripple Wide Table, White Granite, Image 4
  • Tenjam Splash Moon Chair, White Granite, Install & Remove – Image 3
  • Tenjam Splash Moon Chair, White Granite, Install & Remove – Image 1
  • Tenjam Splash Moon Chair & Ripple Table, White Granite, Image 4
  • Tenjam Splash Moon Chair & Ripple Table, White Granite, Evening Image 10
  • Tenjam Splash Moon Chair & Ripple Table, White Granite, Evening Image 8
  • #22102BXYE Moon 1 units in pool – image 2
  • #22102BXYE Moon 2 units in pool – image 8
  • #22102BXYE Moon 2 units on patio – bold 2
  • 22102BXYE Moon – 1 chair in pool with female 3
  • #22102BXYE Moon Chair on patio in evening #2
  • 22102BXYE Moon chair backs with both people 1
  • 22102BXYE Moon – 2 chairs in pool with #22101T1YE Amped Table
  • #22102BXYE Moon Chairs and #22101T1YE Amped Seat Table on Patio – image 1
  • #22102BXYE Moon Chairs on Patio – cupholder detail
  • 22102BXYE Moon chair handle design
  • SPL22102BXLBWH Splash Moon Chairs in Light Blue and white cupholders – in pool
  • Splash Moon Chair Ortho 12 max depth
  • 22102BX_ _ Splash Moon Chair Ortho 2
  • SPL22102BXWHBL Moon Chair SPLASH – White
  • SPL22102BXCSBL Moon Splash – Cobblestone – Black cupholders
  • SPL22102BXGGBL Moon Splash – Gray Granite – Black cupholders
  • SPL22102BXRRBL Moon Splash – River Rock – Black cupholders
  • Tenjam Splash Moon Chair, White Granite, Install & Remove – Image 5
  • SPL22102BXLBBL Moon Chair SPLASH – Light Blue
  • SPL22102BXSBBL Moon Chair SPLASH – Surf Blue
  • Moon Chair (Black Cupholders)
  • SPL22102BXWHWH Splash Moon Chair White with White Cupholders
  • SPL22102BXCSWH Moon Splash – Cobblestone – White cupholders
  • SPL22102BXGGWH Moon Splash – Gray Granite – White cupholders
  • SPL22102BXRRWH Moon Splash – River Rock – White cupholders
  • SPL22102BXLBWH Moon Chair SPLASH – Light Blue
  • SPL22102BXSBWH Moon Chair SPLASH – Surf Blue
  • Moon Chair (White Cupholders)

Moon Chair Splash

Indulge in the captivating allure of Tenjam’s SPLASH Series Moon Chair – a simply bold fusion of art and comfort. The ultimate blend of retro-futuristic design and ergonomics, this chair is a true masterpiece! Crafted to provide refined leisure, the Moon Chair Splash sits low and relaxed, and features fluid, curved lines that give it an artistic appeal, as if it were sculpted from a single block.

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Available Colors
White (WH)
Desert Sandstone (DS)
Gray Granite (GG)
River Rock (RR)
White Granite (WG)
Light Blue (LB)
Surf Blue (SB)
Yellow (YE)

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#SPL22102BX_ _WH: Moon Chair Splash, Color TBD. Each Chair includes a set of White and a set of Black Cupholders. Approximately 33 lbs.

Worry-free In-Pool Lounging.

Tenjam’s entire SPLASH Series collection is safety-designed to be compatible with various types of pools, including vinyl liner pools, gunite, and fiberglass. The smooth surface and rounded edges of the Moon Chair Splash prevents potential harm to the delicate surfaces of vinyl liners and a variety of other pool and patio surfaces.

#1 in Comfort- It’s a Ten! (jam)

Crafted from 100% recyclable rotomolded polyethylene, the SPLASH Series Moon Chair offers more than just its bold design. Capable of withstanding everyday use and various environmental conditions, its true allure rests in durability and exceptional comfort. The ergonomic contours of the molded seat cradle your body in pure comfort, while the smooth surface adds a touch of tactile pleasure. Let yourself be transported to a realm of futuristic tranquility and rediscover the joy of unwinding in style.

Great for small tanning ledges since the footprint is much smaller than our SHAYZ™ lounger, the SPLASH Series Moon Chair’s built-in cupholders allow you to skip adding an in-pool table if you don’t have the space. Perfect for hotels and large pool operators, the chairs don’t hold pool water, are much lighter than competitors’ water-filled chairs, and are easier to move for pool cleaning or resetting the space.

The SPLASH Series Moon Chair is lightweight (only 33lbs), boasts a conveniently located handle in the back, and an open bottom for easy pool placement and removal. Create the perfect seating arrangement wherever you desire. Simply place it on a tanning ledge and watch as the Moon Chair effortlessly settles into place. To remove, easily lift the chair from the pool using the handled grip and the water immediately drains from the core – no fooling around with tools and drain plugs!

The SPLASH Series Moon Chair seamlessly complements a range of exterior styles, from modern to boho-eclectic, making it a versatile addition to your decor. Add a touch of nostalgia while embracing contemporary design trends and ergonomics- a timeless, comfortable statement piece that will make a lasting impression.

Surface Heat Warning: Polyethylene material does get hot in the sun. Just like plastic coolers, plastic stadium seats, and other waterproof plastic products. Darker colors generally feel hotter to the touch than lighter colors when exposed to direct sun. It maybe necessary to splash the products with pool water to bring the seating surface temperature down to a comfortable level prior to use.