Commercial and Institutional Contract List Pricing for 2024. This List Pricing is for Session and DuraFLEX Series products only. For Splash Series product pricing please Contact Us through this website or email to be connected to your local distributor or dealer.

Determine which list price sheet applies to your contract.

Some contracts require only delivery to be included in the list prices and these contracts allow dealers to quote and add additional dealer services like design, project management, and more. An example of this type of contract is TIPS (The Interlocal Purchasing System.) TIPS is a National contract and utilized by thousands of their members.  Contracts like TIPS understands that product prices do not include installation services. They understand that installation costs can vary wildly depending on the geographic location and even the type of location (school, hospital, construction site), and the actual location within a building or outside of a building (public park, rooftop social area, 8th floor library). These contracts have lower list prices because the servicing dealer can work with the customer to determine reasonable costs for additional services that the local dealer can offer. The dealer is allowed to quote and provide these additional services as an added service to the customer.

Some contracts require the list prices to include delivery and installation, regardless of the geographic location, type of location, or possible challenges within a building. An example of this type of contract is the State of South Carolina.  With these types of contracts the dealers are not able to add any additional costs even if the delivery locations are to rural areas or the products need to be installed on multiple floors. These Delivered and Installed Contracts have higher list prices. Some of these contracts even require the manufacturer to give ultra-aggressive product discounting in order for the manufacturer to be awarded the contract. States negotiating these contracts achieve great discounts for their members on the both the delivery and installation rates that the manufacturers have to build into their product prices.

If you're not sure which price list to use for your contract then please write and we will make sure you are using the correct list price sheet and also the correct discount structure that has been set for you.  Regardless of which list pricing you use, you will get a substantial discount (aggressive cost) and you can work directly with our local dealer network to get great service.

Contracts can be complicated and we hope to make it easiest for you to purchase using a contract. Simply contact us and we can walk you through it and help you get Tenjam products into you indoor and outdoor spaces.