• Tenjam Drift Stool – Image 6
  • Tenjam Drift Stool – Image 4
  • SPL11501BXYE Drift in pool #2
  • SPL11501BXYE Drift in pool #1
  • SPL11501BXYE Drift 2 units on patio 5 – bright
  • SPL11501BXYE Drift 2 units nested on patio #1
  • SPL11501BXYE Drift on patio #7
  • SPL11501BX_ _ Splash Drift Ortho 2
  • SPL11501BX_ _ Splash Drift Ortho 1
  • SPL11501BXWH Drift SPLASH – White
  • SPL11501BXCS Drift Cobblestone
  • SPL11501BXGG Drift Gray Granite
  • SPL11501BXRR Drift River Rock
  • Tenjam Drift Stool – Image 6
  • SPL11501BXLB Drift SPLASH – Light Blue
  • SPL11501BXSB Drift SPLASH – Surf Blue
  • Session Drift

Drift Splash

Kick back, relax and drift away!  Whether you’re in need of a complementary piece to create a calm and quiet poolside sanctuary or you want to add energy, fun and movement to your favorite party spot, the SPLASH Series Drift sets any mood for your tanning ledge (a.k.a. sun shelf, baja shelf). With its seamless and sleek aesthetics, the SPLASH Series Drift is crafted without any sharp corners or edges on the seating surfaces or sidewalls- embodying a sense of smooth elegance. Its flowy contours create a visually light, airy appearance, while its construction ensures both stability and robustness.

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Available Colors
White (WH)
Desert Sandstone (DS)
Gray Granite (GG)
River Rock (RR)
White Granite (WG)
Light Blue (LB)
Surf Blue (SB)
Yellow (YE)

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Worry-free In-Pool Lounging.

Tenjam’s entire SPLASH Series collection is safety-designed to be compatible with various types of pools, including vinyl liner pools, gunite, and fiberglass. The smooth surface and rounded edges of the Amped Table Splash prevents potential harm to the delicate surfaces of vinyl liners and a variety of other pool and patio surfaces.

Made in the USA, from 100% recyclable polyethylene, the SPLASH Series Drift is well-suited to withstand the toughest outdoor environments. Built to endure and thrive in challenging conditions, this product is a testament to its durability and resilience. No matter the elements or demanding outdoor settings, the SPLASH Series Drift rises to the occasion, providing a multifunctional and comfortable seating solution you can depend on.

The SPLASH Series Drift has been modified for use in the shallow water of a swimming pool. You can leave Drift in the pool, and it will stay stationary in up to 7” water depth. You can use Drift in any water depth while sitting on it. However, Drift will begin to move and float as the water exceeds 7" depth.  Place the stool anywhere you want on the bottom and even if the water is too deep for the stool you can sit on the stool and your body weight holds the stool in place.  When you stand up, the stool floats back up to the top for easy carrying to your next spot or removal from the pool.

The Splash version of Drift adds air holes under the seat and on the bottom so pool water can easily enter the core of Drift when set in the pool and allows it to be effortlessly pulled from the pool without having to deal with drain plugs. Set Drift in the pool at any time and then easily remove it when you want to cover/clean the pool, or to use Drift as a seat on your patio.

Residential customers choose Drift because of its sleek appeal and simply bold approach to extra seating on the patio or in the pool.

High-Traffic Hotel and Food Service Operators take note:

  • Reduce Camp Outs:The forward leaning seat of Drift is intentional and specifically designed to reduce “Camp Outs” so your guests won’t get too comfortable and camp out all day in your space.  This is a great seat for up to 30-minute sitting sessions.  Perfect for quick service spaces.
  • Active Seating:  forward leaning seat angle promotes upright seating posture and keeps the legs lightly engaged for active seating.
  • Quick Dry Seat:  Drift will completely shed water from the surface and dry quickly.  Perfect for in pool use and high-traffic food service where seating needs to get washed and sanitized frequently.
  • Nesting:  the seats do nest together for a bit more compact storage when needed.

Surface Heat Warning: Polyethylene material does get hot in the sun. Just like plastic coolers, plastic stadium seats, and other waterproof plastic products. Darker colors generally feel hotter to the touch than lighter colors when exposed to direct sun. It maybe necessary to splash the products with pool water to bring the seating surface temperature down to a comfortable level prior to use.