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You found it...a table with a beautiful contemporary design and the ability to adjust the height from 22" to 28". This table works great when coupled with seating heights from 13" to 18".

This table has a 40" diameter round top with a High Pressure Laminate (HPL) surface. The base is 24" diameter heavyweight steel for great stability and tipping resistance.

4 to 6 units of Tenjam seating products are recommended around this 40" diameter table. It's very common that 4 to 6 Petal Seats, Circles, Cubes, or Curved Pentagons are placed around this table. When choosing our shorter seat heights for younger children these seating products tend to have a smaller footprint and you can fit up 5 to 6 units. If choosing taller seating for older students and adults you may find 4 seats to be ideal and 5 seats to be the maximum.

The Center Table:
Item # 90901XX_ _: 40" Round Top with HPL Finish and 3mm edge, 24" Disc Base with Silver Frost Metallic Finish, Manually Height Adjustable from 22" to 28" Height in 1" increments. Approximately 95 lbs.

Table Color Codes: Use for last 2 digits of Table Item Number: We use Wilsonart and Nevamar High Pressure Laminated Surfaces (HPL) as a standard.
DW = Wilsonart Designer White #D354-60.
DG = Wilsonart Dove Gray #D92-60, is our Light Gray standard.
WI = Nevamar Wrought Iron #S6054, is our Dark Grey standard.
Other HPL colors maybe specified, but pricing and lead time can change with other colors.

The table base and column are made with steel and these components have a durable powder coat finish in a Silver Frost Metallic color.

We do not offer tables in other sizes or heights.

Height Adjustments:
This table has a "spring clip" height adjustment mechanism. This is a manual adjustment and we intentionally designed this to require 3 people to make a height adjustment. Two people must lift up on the table top and one person under the table must depress the spring clip. This is perfect for spaces where you don't want people playing with the height adjustments frequently.