Mibster Chair


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Session Series with RCP - Colors
Cobblestone (CS)
Gray Granite (GG)
Light Gray (LG) Limited Edition
River Rock (RR)
Anthracite Grey (AG)
Dark Blue (DB)
Light Blue (LB)
Lime Green (LM)
Medium Blue (MB)
Medium Grey (MG)
Orange (OR)
Pure Green (PG)
Red (RD)
Surf Blue (SB)
Violet (VI)
Yellow (YE)
Dark Purple (DP) Limited Edition

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Production and shipping of this new design starts March 2019.

Design by Nikita Bukoros, Ukraine. Made exclusively by Tenjam.

Item # 22103BX_ _: Mibster Chair, 16″ Seat Height, 32 lbs

Curves capturing your attention from every angle.  Nikita Bukoros created a seating object that is playfully approachable with edgy contours that draw you in.  When passing by you can’t resist from taking a seat.  Elegant lines, crazy cool.

When naming the Mibster Chair we took a committee approach and many people said the spherical shape and fun appeal reminded them of a Marble or games with marbles.  We learned that a Mibster is a marble player or a collectors of marbles.  Calling all Mibsters…we have a chair for you!

If you want to understand Mibsters and marbles you may want to read this:  A Brief History of Marbles (Including All That Marble Slang), by Rob Lammle

Mibster Chair is one-piece casted polyethylene that includes Recovered Coastal Plastic (RCP).  RCP is plastic debris hand-collected from waterways, beaches, and from the ground in coastal communities.  A strong design combined with heavy duty material gives Mibster a weight capacity of more than 750 lbs.  Engineered for year-round outdoor use that is also perfect for indoor spaces.  Perfect for high traffic spaces including schools, libraries, hotels, restaurants, museums and more. The design also looks great in a residential setting.

Mibster Chair Design and Material Benefits:

  • Stay Dry Seat: drain hole designed into the lowest point in the seat pan, allowing water to drain and keep the seat dry.
  • Rust Proof
  • Waterproof
  • Durable – extreme impact resistance.
  • Safe – one piece construction, no sharp edges or fasteners that can come apart.
  • Strong – can support over 750 lbs.
  • Chemical Resistance – hard polyethylene material can withstand hundreds of chemicals, body oils, and fluids.
  • Easy Wash – use soap, water, and many common cleaning products.
  • Easy Disinfect – use 9:1 water to bleach ratio, hydrogen peroxide, and other disinfectants. There are no stitched seams or hidden crevices where bacteria/bedbugs can harbor.
  • Fire Compliance: meets California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 (a.k.a TB117-2013 & CAL117-2013.)
  • 100% recyclable
  • 10 Year warranty
  • MAS Certified Green for healthier indoor air quality.

Optional Item # WEIGHTCAP: Add $40 LIST. This is a recessed Screw Cap factory installed into the base. You may open the screw cap and use a funnel to add heavy pea-gravel into the core of the product. The pea-gravel must be sourced locally. With this option you could add over 100 lbs of additional weight to the Mibster Chair. The added weight may be necessary for outdoor patios and pool decks above the ground floor (condo rooftops). Also great for high-traffic spaces where you prefer that your guests do not move the furniture.