Moon Chair

So Retro and So Futuristic at the same time! A bold statement, this retro-futuristic chair is like a work of art. With fluid, curving lines – as though carved from a single block.

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Available Colors
Cobblestone (CS)
Gray Granite (GG)
River Rock (RR)
Anthracite Grey (AG)
Dark Blue (DB)
Light Blue (LB)
Lime Green (LM)
Medium Blue (MB)
Medium Grey (MG)
Orange (OR)
Red (RD)
Surf Blue (SB)
Violet (VI)
Yellow (YE)

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Design by Mike To. Made exclusively by Tenjam.

Moon Chair Design:
A bold statement, this retro-futuristic chair is like a work of art. With fluid, curving lines – as though carved from a single block.

Item # 22102BX_ _: Moon Chair, 13″ Seat Height, 32 lbs

Moon Chair is sized for adults and sits like an adirondack style chair – low and relaxed.

The chair is exceptionally strong and has a weight capacity of more than 750 lbs. Perfect for indoor and outdoor high traffic spaces at schools, hotels, restaurants, museums and more. The designs also look great in a residential setting.

Moon Chair Design and Material Benefits:

  • Stay Dry Seat: drain hole designed into the lowest point in the seat pan, allowing water to drain and keep the seat dry.
  • Anti-Moisture Trapping: the design of the chair base has standoffs that reduce chair contact with the ground and allows air to flow under the chair. This reduces the possibility of trapping moisture between the base of the chair and the ground surface.
  • Rust Proof
  • Waterproof
  • Durable – extreme impact resistance.
  • Safe – one part construction, no sharp edges.
  • Strong – can support over 750 lbs.
  • Chemical Resistance – hard polyethylene material can withstand hundreds of chemicals, body oils, and fluids.
  • Easy Wash – use soap, water, and many common cleaning products.
  • Easy Disinfect – use 9:1 water to bleach ratio, hydrogen peroxide, and other disinfectants. There are no stitched seams or hidden crevices where bacteria/bedbugs can harbor.
  • Fire Compliance: meets California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 (a.k.a TB117-2013 & CAL117-2013.)
  • 100% recyclable
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Certified Green for healthier indoor air quality.

Optional Item # WEIGHTCAP: This is a recessed Screw Cap factory installed into the base. You may open the screw cap and use a funnel to add heavy pea-size gravel into the core of the product. The pea-gravel must be sourced locally. With this option you could add over 100 lbs of additional weight to the Moon Chair. The added weight may be necessary for rooftop patio spaces with high wind.

Designed by Mike To, Hong Kong
Mike To is originally from Hong Kong, he loved drawing and artistic creation in his childhood and pursed his passion both in First Institute of Art and Design in 1985 and Hong Kong Art School in 2003, two prestigious design institutions in Hong Kong. Mike started designing household products in 2005. His works were displayed in the New York International Furniture Fair (NYIFF) in 2007 and he won a furniture design award in the International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS) in 2009.

In 2011 Mike gained life-changing recognition after he started his new hobby, rock climbing, and he always tries spending as much time as he can in exploring new interests and works mix together. Mike To became a professional rock climbing coach in 2016.

Mike is an award-winning designer whose work is informed by a broad range of design fields. His striking creations are featured all over the world.