• Tenjam Twisted Hex 18 Height – Image 8
  • Tenjam Twisted Hex 18 Height – Image 1
  • Tenjam Twisted Hex 18 Height – Image 7
  • #41007BXYE Twisted Hex in pool #4
  • Tenjam Twisted Hex 18 Height – Image 5
  • #41007BXYE Twisted Hex 2 unit on patio #1
  • #41007BXYE Twisted Hex in pool #2
  • #41007BXMG Twisted Hex 18inch Medium Gray at pool
  • #41007BXYE Twisted Hex 1 unit on patio showing handle pick up
  • #41007__YE Twisted Hex Handle Closeup #2
  • #41007_ _YE Twisted Hex Seat Texture 1 – horizontal image.jpg
  • Twisted Hex-18-Ortho
  • Twisted Hex-18-Stacked-Ortho
  • 41007AXYE – Twisted Hex 13in Height – Yellow
  • 41007MXYE Twisted Hex 15.5 Yellow
  • Hex 18 – Yellow
  • 41007AXWH – Twisted Hex 13in Height – White
  • 41007MXWH Twisted Hex 15.5 White
  • 41007BXWH Twisted Hex 18inch in white color – image 1
  • 47001BXCS Tenjam Twisted Hex 13in Height – Cobblestone
  • 47001BXGG Tenjam Twisted Hex 13in Height – Gray Granite
  • 41007MXCS Twisted Hex 15.5 Cobblestone
  • 41007MXGG Twisted Hex 15.5 Gray Granite
  • Tenjam_TwistedHex18_Cobblestone_Web
  • Hex 18 – Gray Granite
  • Tenjam_TwistedHex13_RiverRock_Web
  • 41007MXRR Twisted Hex 15.5 River Rock
  • Tenjam_TwistedHex18_RiverRock_Web
  • 41007AXAG – Twisted Hex 13in Height – Anthracite Grey
  • 41007MXAGTwisted Hex 15.5 Antrhacite Gray
  • Hex 18 – Anthracite Grey
  • 41007AXDB – Twisted Hex 13in Height – Dark Blue
  • 41007MXDB Twisted Hex 15.5 Dark Blue
  • Hex 18 – Dark Blue
  • 41007AXLB – Twisted Hex 13in Height – Light Blue
  • 41007MXLB Twisted Hex 15.5 Light Blue
  • Hex 18 – Light Blue
  • 41007AXLM – Twisted Hex 13in Height – Lime Green
  • 41007MXLM Twisted Hex 15.5 Lime Green
  • Hex 18 – Lime Green
  • 41007AXMB – Twisted Hex 13in Height – Medium Blue
  • 41007MXMB Twisted Hex 15.5 Medium Blue
  • Hex 18 – Medium Blue
  • 41007AXMG – Twisted Hex 13in Height – Medium Grey
  • 41007MXMG Twisted Hex 15.5 Medium Gray
  • Hex 18 – Medium Grey
  • 41007AXOR – Twisted Hex 13in Height – Orange
  • Hex 18 – Orange
  • 41007MXOR Twisted Hex 15.5 Orange
  • 41007AXRD – Twisted Hex 13in Height – Red
  • Hex 18 – Red
  • 41007MXRD Twisted Hex 15.5 Red
  • 41007AXSB – Twisted Hex 13in Height – Surf Blue
  • 41007MXSB Twisted Hex 15.5 Surf Blue
  • Hex 18 – Surf Blue
  • 41007AXVI – Twisted Hex 13in Height – Violet
  • 41007MXVI Twisted Hex 15.5 Violet
  • Hex 18 – Violet

Twisted Hex

Welcome to the ultimate backyard party zone! Don’t get twisted, when your guests show up unexpectedly, you’ll never run out of seating options with Tenjam’s best-selling portable cushioned stool, the SPLASH Series Twisted Hex. Whether you need extra seats on your pool ledge or a few more settings for that backyard BBQ, the SPLASH Series Twisted Hex offers a modern geometric style as unexpected as the additions to your guestlist.

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Available Colors
White (WH)
Desert Sandstone (DS)
Gray Granite (GG)
River Rock (RR)
Anthracite Grey (AG)
Dark Blue (DB)
Light Blue (LB)
Lime Green (LM)
Medium Blue (MB)
Medium Grey (MG)
Orange (OR)
Red (RD)
Surf Blue (SB)
Violet (VI)
Yellow (YE)

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Available in three heights (13”, 15.5” & 18”) the SPLASH Series Twisted Hex stool is stackable sturdy, and cushioned using a durable and high-quality cushioning, comprised of the same material found in the soles of athletic shoes.  Crafted to expertly support up to 350 lbs., SPLASH Series Twisted Hex’s lightweight design, combines an open bottom and dual hand holds allows you to effortlessly place the stool anywhere on the tanning ledge in an instant, then easily remove it from the pool and for use on the patio for extra seating.

Sink or Float:

Twisted Hex is designed to rest on the bottom of the tanning ledge and resists movement from wave and wind action when used in water depths less than the maximum depth shown for each seat height *(see product specifications below). If the Twisted Hex happens to be placed in deep water, it will float to the surface and can be easily retrieved from the pool – it will not sink to the bottom.

Zero Entry/Beach Entry Pools:

These pools have a sloped bottom surface, and the SPLASH Series Twisted Hex is the perfect solution. Place the stool anywhere you want on the sloped bottom and even if the water is too deep for the stool you can sit on the stool and your body weight will hold the stool in place.  When you stand up, the stool floats back up to the top for easy transfer to your next spot or removal from the pool. This is a versatile stool for at home use and for extra in-pool seating at large resort pools.

Please note that Twisted Hex is not recommended for vinyl liner pools due to its narrower bottom edge contact point, but all other Tenjam SPLASH Series products are suitable for all pool types, including vinyl liner pools.

Surface Heat Warning: Seat cushion material does get hot in the sun. Just like plastic coolers, plastic stadium seats, and other waterproof plastic products.  It maybe necessary to splash the top cushion with pool water to bring the seating surface temperature down to a comfortable level prior to use.