• WOOCBASEBLSEATWH–Woosah-Chair-with-Splash-Amped-table—2-chairs-water-in-back
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATWH–Woosah-Chair-with-Amped-table—1-chair-and-1-table
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATWH–Woosah-Chair-with-Amped-table—2-chairs-water-in-back—Jasmine
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATWH–Woosah-Chairs—afternoon—Jasmine-8
  • WOOCBASELGSEATRD–Woosah-Chair-Light-Gray-Base-and-Red-Seat—two-chairs
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATWH–Woosah-Chair-stacked-2-units
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATMB–and-WOOCBASEBLSEATMG–Woosah-Chairs-Black-Base-and-Med-Blue-and-Med-Gray-Seats
  • WOOCBASELGSEATRD–Woosah-Chair-Light-Gray-Base-and-Red-Seat—One-chair
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATWH–Woosah-Chair-with-Amped-table—2-chairs-with-pool-in-back—Jasmine
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATMB-Woosah-Chairs-in-4-unit-maximum-stack
  • Session Woosah Chair (Black Base)
  • Session Woosah Chair (Grey Base)
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATWH Woosah White -Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATWH -Woosah White with Light Grey Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATCS Woosah Cobblestone Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATCS Woosah Cobblestone Seat Gray Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATGG Woosah Gray Granite Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATGG Woosah Gray Granite Seat Gray Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATRR Woosah River Rock Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATRR Woosah River Rock Seat Gray Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATAG Woosah Anthracite Gray Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATAG Woosah Anthracite Gray Seat Gray Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATDB Woosah Dark Blue Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATDB Woosah Dark Blue Seat Gray Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATLB Woosah Light Blue Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATLB Woosah Light Blue Seat Gray Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATLM Woosah Lime Green Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATLM Woosah Lime Green Seat Gray Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATMB and WOOCBASEBLSEATMG Woosah Chairs Black Base and Med Blue and Med Gray Seats
  • WOOCBASELGSEATMB Woosah Medium Blue Seat Gray Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATMG Woosah_Medium Gray Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATMG Woosah_Medium Gray Seat Gray Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATOR Woosah Orange Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATOR Woosah Orange Seat Gray Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATRD Woosah Red Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATRD Woosah Chair Light Gray Base and Red Seat – two chairs
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATSB Woosah Surf Blue Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATSB Woosah Surf Blue Seat Gray Base
  • WOOCBASEBLSEATVI Woosah Violet Seat Black Base
  • WOOCBASELGSEATVI Woosah Violet Seat Gray Base

Woosah Stacking Lounge Chair

Take a seat in the Woosah chair and let your shoulders and arms relax. Now take a deep breath and say “Wooooo-saaaaah” while slowly exhaling.  Repeat unit you feel the tension wash away.

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Base Colors
Available Colors
White (WH)
Desert Sandstone (DS)
Gray Granite (GG)
River Rock (RR)
Anthracite Grey (AG)
Dark Blue (DB)
Light Blue (LB)
Lime Green (LM)
Medium Blue (MB)
Medium Grey (MG)
Orange (OR)
Red (RD)
Surf Blue (SB)
Violet (VI)
Yellow (YE)

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The combination of the ergonomic contouring of the seat and the slight bounce designed into the base give you the most comfortable outdoor chair in the world. The seat is made with polyethylene material for supreme impact strength and low maintenance. The base is made with heavy gauge stainless steel finished with an outdoor rated powder coating. Woosah is designed to give you a very slight and soothing bounce movement that everyone finds to be ultra-relaxing. Bring on the sun, sand, snow, salt, and rain…this chair can take it.

Approximately 27 lbs.

  • Stackable up to 4 units.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Ultra-low VOC emissions to promote healthy indoor air quality.
  • Fire test compliant with CAL117-2013 and has zero added flame retardant chemicals.
  • Supports up to 400 lbs.
  • Seat sheds liquids and dries fast.
  • 201 Grade stainless steel base with an outdoor rated powder coating for saltwater spray corrosion resistance.
  • 100% recyclable.

Woosah – The Design Details:

In designing the Woosah chair we took input from a hotel design team and here’s what they wanted in an outdoor lounge chair:

  1. Reduced parts: This hotel group was using plastic adirondack chairs in their outdoor spaces that arrived as 30+ pieces of flat plastic parts that were assembled with 50+ screws. Assembly would take up to 30 minutes per chair and the screws on the chairs would loosen over time. This required constant maintenance (replacing screws and tightening screws) and missing screws and loose parts led to guest safety concerns. In contrast, the Woosah chair consists of a one-piece polyethylene seat, a one-piece stainless steel frame, and 8 stainless steel bolts. Woosah chairs assemble in a few minutes and this reduction in parts makes routine maintenance checks a breeze.
  2. Stackable: Woosah can stack 4 units high and is efficient to move around the property.
  3. Increased Comfort: Woosah has an ergonomically contoured seat and is much more comfortable than outdoor chairs made with flat plastic or flat wood pieces.
  4. Higher Seat: The hotels previous adirondack style chairs were just too low and the back of the seats were only 8” to 9” from the ground. Woosah is 15.75” height at the front of the seat and 12.75” at the back of the seat. This makes Woosah much easier to use and more comfortable for a wider range of guests.
  5. Motion: Woosah has an ultra-strong stainless steel base that allows for a very slight and soothing bounce action. This is so relaxing.