• #15003B2RD Crescent DuraFLEX Red – 8 units in circle arrangement – image 1
  • #15002B2MG Circle DuraFLEX Med Gray and #15003B2RD Crescent DuraFLEX Red – image 1
  • Crescent DuraFLEX 17.5 Height – 8 units in all 8 DuraFLEX colors
  • 15003A2RD Crescent DuraFLEX 13.5 Height – Red – Top View
  • Crescent DuraFLEX – Choose legs or casters
  • Tenjam DuraFLEX – Soft – low res image
  • Circ
  • DuraFLEX Seat Heights
  • #15003B2DB Crescent DuraFLEX 17.5 Height – Dark Blue
  • 15003A2DB Crescent DuraFLEX 13.5 Height – Dark Blue
  • #15003B2AG Crescent DuraFLEX 17.5 Height – Anthracite Gray
  • 15003A2AG Crescent DuraFLEX 13.5 Height – Anthracite Gray
  • #15003B2VI Crescent DuraFLEX 17.5 Height – Violet
  • 15003A2VI Crescent DuraFLEX 13.5 Height – Violet
  • #15003B2RD Crescent DuraFLEX 17.5 Height – Red
  • 15003A2RD Crescent DuraFLEX 13.5 Height – Red
  • #15003B2OR Crescent DuraFLEX 17.5 Height – Orange
  • 15003A2OR Crescent DuraFLEX 13.5 Height – Orange
  • #15003B2MG Crescent DuraFLEX 17.5 Height – Medium Gray
  • #15003B2LM Crescent DuraFLEX 17.5 Height – Lime Green
  • 15003A2LM Crescent DuraFLEX 13.5 Height – Lime Green

Crescent DuraFLEX

We used to call this shape the “Circ”, but everyone seemed to confuse it with “Circle.” So we had to change it to “Crescent.”  Some call it “Moon” and it’s getting confusing.  Crescent, Crescent, Crescent….It’s officially called Crescent.

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DuraFLEX Colors
Red (RD)
Violet (VI)

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Crescent DuraFLEX can be used as a seat, table, or ottoman. Arrange in a circle shape with multiple Crescent modular seating units, arrange in a serpentine, and use as individual seats around a table. The modular shape gives you lots of arrangement possibilities to fit your flexible space.

With 2″ Height Fixed Legs:
Item # 15003A2_ _: Crescent DuraFLEX 13.5″ Height, 21 lbs
Item # 15003B2_ _: Crescent DuraFLEX 17.5″ Height, 25 lbs

With 2″ Caster Wheels w/Brakes:
Item # 15003AC_ _: Crescent DuraFLEX 13.5″ Height, 21 lbs
Item # 15003BC_ _: Crescent DuraFLEX 17.5″ Height, 25 lbs

Both heights of the Crescent share the same modular footprint so they can be arranged together. All weights are approximate.

Tenjam’s DuraFLEX Material: The most durable seamless soft seating. Perfect for high traffic spaces like schools, libraries, healthcare, museums, retail, and more. Non-porous and waterproof flexible plastic shell with a flexible foam core. A solid base with fixed legs and the option for caster wheels for mobility. No hidden pockets or stitched seams where bacteria can hide and multiply. Surface has great stain resistance and can be readily cleaned and disinfected. 3 year warranty.

Tenjam also offers the Crescent design in these materials:
Session Series Crescent made with hard plastic for all-weather performance. Session Series products offer the ultimate in durability and washability. These products have a hard plastic outer shell and they can be used indoors and outdoors.